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Thursday, February 17

8:30-10:00 (90 minutes of CE time)
Theresa H. Rodgers, MA, CCC-SLP, BCS-CL, ASHA Fellow, L-SLP, EdS (LD)
Title: Ethical Dilemma: Shades of Gray

11:00-12:00 (60 minutes of CE time)
Yvonne Saxon, JD
Title: Ethical Issues: "New" Interstate Compact, Communications & Liability, and ASHA Assistant Certification
Description: The presentation will include an overview of the "New" ABESPA Interstate Compact and the ethical considerations. The presentation will also focus on the potential liability of both written and oral communications, and provide a clarification between ABESPA Registered Assistant vs ASHA Certified Assistant
Gain knowledge and insight of the "New" ABESPA Interstate Compact & Ethical concerns
Comprehend the importance of reading documents before signing to avoid ethical conflicts
Gain an understanding of the difference between ABESA Registered Assistant and ASHA Certified Assistant

1:00-3:00 (120 minutes of CE time Content II)
Stephanie Frucci, EdS, CCC-SLP
Title: State Department Updates
Description: This session specifically targets speech-language pathologists who practice in Alabama's public schools. The speaker will share information pertinent to the provision of speech-language services in the schools to students ages 3 through 21. The preparation of legally compliant documents, such as eligibility documents and individualized education programs (IEPs) will also be addressed
Follow state and federal processes, policies, and procedures in all phases of special education in the public schools
Identify and correct items of noncompliance in eligibility documents and IEPs
Recognize current issues and trends in the practice of speech-language pathology in Alabama's public schools
Understand current trends in pertinent case law related to special education and related services

Friday, February 18

Dianna Jill Mize Smith, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA
Title: ASHA Committee of Ambassadors
Description: The Committee of Ambassadors (CoA) is charged with acting as Ambassadors of ASHA by providing advocacy on and communication about the priorities of the Association to officials, constituents, peers, and the general public at the workplace, local, state, and national levels
Awareness of ASHA Committee of Ambassadors composition, charge, & roles
Learn opportunities for advocating and conducting communication activities that advance our professions

Kandis Chatman, MS, CCC-SLP
Title: Our Culture (Note: This course will NOT be recorded for online participants)
Description: This session will 1) discuss the current "culture" (demographics) of the SLP and AUD professional fields, 2) define diversity, equity and inclusion, including related terms, 3) determine what is meant by cultural humility, 4) identify ways to be culturally competent clinicians and 5) state SHAA's advancements towards a more culturally diverse association
State the current "culture" (demographics) of the SLP and AUD professional fields
Define diversity, equity, inclusion and other DEI-related terms
Explain ways to be culturally humble and culturally competent clinicians

10:30-12:30 (120 minutes of CE time)
Sucheta Kamath, MA, MA, CCC-SLP, BC_ANCDS
Title: Leading with Resilience: Impactful Performance through Effective Stress Management
Description: The mechanisms that reduce the maladaptive outcomes under conditions of risk are known as resilience; in the helping profession such as ours, handling those who are navigating challenges and challenging circumstances can be a great source of inevitable stress putting our personal resilience to the test. If unmanaged, stress is likely to interfere with our engagement, quality of work, optimism, and ultimately personal satisfaction. Fostering our resilience to successfully “bounce back” is not only highly desirable but absolutely crucial to accelerate our performance while capitalizing on ambiguity and uncertainty so that we can metamorphize and emerge with joyful disposition. In this presentation, Sucheta Kamath will explore the foundations of resilience, ‘stress-is-enhancing mindset, and tools that boost human resilience in the face of adversity. This presentation will dive into the importance of resilience and leadership and explore practical ways to enhance both personal, interpersonal and community effectiveness
Explore the framework of stress, executive function and resilience through the concepts of neural cement vs. neural swamp
Understand the neuroscience of stress, stress-response, and the role of desirable growth during uncertainly using mindfulness, positive psychology and reappraisal
Identify key strategies to strengthen resilience through emotional courage, mindfulness, and open-minded adaptive flexibility to reduce levels of stress for yourself or those you teach or manage

1:30-3:30 (120 minutes of CE time Content II)
Melissa Cheslock, MS, CCC-SLP/Kendra Hudson, MS, CCC-SLP/JoAnne Payne, AuD, CCC-A/Esther Phillips-Embden, MA, CCC-SLP/Anna Webb, MS, CCC-SLP/Laura Willis
Title: Clinical Education Training for AuDs and SLPs Involved in Student Supervision
Description: The training of future Speech/Language Pathologists is vital for the growth of our profession. This presentation describes the aspects of an effective Clinical Educator and ways to maneuver the dynamic supervisory process, ensuring new clinicians are well prepared
Identify the basic requirements, skills, and knowledge of clinical supervision for audiologists and speech-language pathologists
Explain the process of student placements, as well as how to evaluate students, document their skills, and complete necessary information required for student placements
Discuss supervision under special circumstances including teletherapy, supervising marginal students and employees, and supervising individuals from various generations

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