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Thursday, February 17

Title: SHAA Quest for the Cup
Description: The SHAA Quest for the Cup is an intercollegiate scholars bowl. Teams from graduate programs across the state will compete. Participants are encouraged to attend the Tailgate Party to socialize and generate sprit prior to the event. The event is offered for 1 hour of CE credit which is the time allotted for the scholars bowl
Discuss contemporary issues in speech and language assessment
Discuss contemporary issues in speech and language intervention
Discuss contemporary issues in professionalism and ethics

Friday, February 18

Mary Ray-Allen, MEd, CCC-SLP
Title: You've Almost Earned Your Degree! What's Next? Preparing for Your Future as a SLP (Note: This presentation will not be recorded for online viewing)
Description: Employment is right around the corner! Let's put some forethought and preparation into landing your first job! In this course, we will discuss how to go about the job search, networking, emphasizing your strengths, and creating an amazing resume
Explore character traits that employers are looking for
Learn how to identify employers to target and organize a plan for the job search
Discover how to market themselves and land an interview; learn how to evaluate an employment offer

10:30-11:30 (60 minutes of CE time)
Student Research Presentations (Note: This presentation will not be recorded for online viewing)
Title:   Effect of Early Intervention on Language Skills of Children Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: A Modified Systematic Review
Authors: Taylor Baker, B.S., Elizabeth Reavis, B.S., and Carol Koch, EdD

Title:   Feeding Strategies for Infants with Cleft/Lip/Cleft Palate
Authors: Lindsey Greenway, B.S.Ed., Reilly Hooie, B.A., and Carol Koch, Ed

Title:   Audiological Screening Protocol Using a Novel Tablet Application: A Validation Study
Authors: Anna Grace O’Donnell and Aurora Weaver, AuD, PhD

Title:  Feeding Interventions in the NICU
Authors: Anna Ensor, B.A., and Memorie Gosa, PhD

Title:   A Clinical Decision-Making Tree for Treating Posterior Canal BPPV
Authors: Andrew Meythaler, MS and Aaron Johnson, AuD

Q&A Panel

Sharon Lovoy, SPHR
Title: Interviewing: Cool Tools for Your Toolbox (Note: This presentation will not be recorded for online viewing)
Description: Participants in this session will examine the potential problems inherent in the interviewing process. The EEOC has noted that individuals may come into a company and check the hiring practices regardless of whether or not they are truly interested in applying for the position. It is critical hiring practices are reviewed to make certain that there are no violations of the law. The recruitment process is very expensive and time consuming.. The cost of constant position turnover can be economically devastating
Identify why questions such as, "What are your strengths?" or "What are your weaknesses?" are typical but inferior questions used in interviews
Determine why certain questions are more effective and will yield better information than others
Get a “cool tool” that will make designing great interviewing questions easy!
Address the problems, consequences and methods of Hiring the Best through a three-pronged approach, Awareness, Accountability and Action

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