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Technology Instructions

Live Sessions Technology Information

Two weeks prior to convention an email will be sent to all registrants to sign up for live sessions. You will indicate each live session that you want to participate in. When you submit your registration for Live Sessions make sure that you put an email address that you check regularly. This is how you will receive invitations to each Live Session.

1. A Zoom Meeting invite will be emailed prior to the session date. Each live session will have its own link so if you sign up for multiple sessions plan to receive multiple emails. If you do not receive an email, please check your spam folder, otherwise, please contact

2. On the first day, plan on joining at least 15-20 minutes before the scheduled training to make sure tech problems are resolved. 

3. The session moderator will admit you into the session a few minutes prior to the designated start time. Until then, you will see a message that says:  Please wait, the presenter/instructor will let you in soon. If you see this message do not exit!

4. If you are late or lose connection at any time, rejoin and wait to be admitted from the waiting room. 

5. SHAA copyright terms will be included in the registration email for live sessions. Logging into Zoom each day confirms your agreement to the SHAA copyright agreement. It can also be found on the SHAA website on the technology information page. Remember, you are not permitted to videotape or record any part of the live webinar. 

6. Moderators will ensure that cameras and audio are turned off for sessions that will be recorded. (CE Credit Sessions only). For these sessions you will submit any questions you have via the chat feature. 

7. For all other sessions, to eliminate interruptions, please keep yourself muted for the duration of the session. For sessions that have a Q&A component you will submit your question via the chat feature to the moderator to be read to the speaker. For group meetings the facilitator will provide instructions at the beginning of the meeting regarding video and audio components.

Technology Requirements

  • Use a computer or laptop with properly working audio/video equipment. 
  • It is recommended that you do not use a phone or iPad/Tablet but Zoom does have an app for iPads and Tablets if necessary.
  • When using a Chromebook, the Zoom app will need to be downloaded. Here is a link: Getting Started On Chrome OS. SHAA does not provide tech support for school/district network or administrative issues with Chromebooks. Please contact your school’s IT department for support. 
  • Note from Zoom: Important Notice: All clients must upgrade to Zoom 5.0 now

Logging into Zoom

  • Every participant must create a personal Zoom account if you don't already have one. Typically, you cannot use your school’s Zoom account because sometimes it conflicts with SHAA Zoom privacy settings. If you receive an error message when joining the SHAA Virtual conference, please refer to Troubleshooting Zoom
  • Make sure you are signed out of your school's Zoom account before you create your own account. Do not just close the Zoom app. See picture below: 

Step 1: Create a Zoom Account 
This step is only for participants that do not have a personal Zoom account. Go to Step 2 if you already have a Zoom account created. 

1. Go to . In the right corner, click on “Sign Up, It’s Free”.
2. A confirmation link from Zoom will be sent to your email. 
3. Go to the confirmation email from Zoom. Click on “Activate Account”. 
4. It may ask if you are using it for school. Click “No”. 
5. You will be asked to type your name and create a password. Please use a password that you will be able to remember. Create your account. 
6. If you are prompted while setting up your account with the question “Are you signing up on behalf of a school?” answer NO
7. You may be asked to download Zoom. The first time Zoom is downloaded, it will prompt you to allow for Zoom to access your camera and audio settings. Be sure to click “Allow.”

    Step 2: Test audio and video settings 
    To ensure the highest quality of your training experience, please test the audio/video settings on your computer prior to your training. 

    1. Follow this link to test your audio and video settings: Join Zoom Test Meeting○ For more information about testing your audio/visual setting with Zoom, follow this link: Testing computer or device 
    2. Zoom should detect your camera automatically. 
    3. If your camera or audio is not working properly, try closing the Zoom Test meeting and follow the troubleshooting instructions below. 

    Step 3: Joining SHAA Virtual Sessions
    1. Make sure you are logged into your personal Zoom account. 
    2. Click the link to join SHAA’s Virtual conference. You can also click “Join a Meeting” and enter the meeting ID and password that was sent to you by your instructor. 

    Troubleshooting Zoom

    Problem Joining Zoom 
    ●Check WiFi or Network Connections: 
      ○ If you are at a school, the school’s network might be blocking Zoom. You will need to talk to the school IT Department or move locations. 
      ○ Check your WiFi connection. 
      ○ Change locations in the house and move closer to the router. 
      ○ Call your internet provider if your internet connection goes out. 
    ● If you are using a school/employer email address, create a Zoom account with your personal email address and try to log in that way.
    If you are not logged into Zoom and try to join the training, you will receive this message:

    My Video/Camera isn’t working: 
    Zoom- My Video/Camera Isn't Working 

    ● Make sure you don’t have a cover over your camera on your computer.
    ● If you are using a school email address, try creating a Zoom account with a personal email. Log out of the school email and into your personal email. 
    ● Close everything. Turn off your computer. Log back on and into a personal Zoom account. 
    ● Then click on the meeting link or “join meeting” using the meeting ID and password (provided in the email you received). 

    My audio isn’t working: 
    Zoom- My Audio is Not Working on iOS or Android 
    Make sure your computer isn’t muted or the volume is turned down/off. 
    ● If you have Bluetooth headphones, make sure the audio isn’t coming through the headphones unless you are wearing them. 
    ● Usually, your audio settings will stay the same when you log-in each day. To help facilitate this, click on audio settings, then check the box “Automatically join audio by computer when joining meeting”. See picture:

    Locked Out Due to Too Many Log-in Attempts 
    Close Zoom and try to reset your password. Follow the link below: 
    Zoom- Forgot My Password 
    ● Wait 10 minutes before trying to log back in.

    By participating in SHAA Convention 2021 you agree to these terms:  
    No part of any presentation (SHAA Convention 2021) may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, audio/video recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of SHAA. Your registration for the SHAA Convention 2021 gives you and only you access to all the materials. No part of any presentation may be shared with anyone who has not registered to participate. Only registered participants will be awarded CEU's upon completion of the convention. Your participation including receipt of materials such as the pre-recorded video sessions, handouts and access to live sessions via Zoom confirms your agreement to be bound by this Proprietary Rights Statement.

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