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SHAA Web Space Use: Ads, Jobs, Events


  • Non-commercial entities, as well as any entity offering helpful information or a needed service to SHAA members, may be granted annotated links free of charge, while entities charging for products or services shall be asked to pay for advertising space. See Advertising Tab for pricing and details. 
  • Advertisements shall be tasteful and discreet not distracting from or conflicting with the content and purposes of the SHAA website.
  • Advertisements and links shall be related to the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology, and shall not be inconsistent with SHAA's mission or objectives.
  • Links shall open in a new browser window or new tab so that clicking on a link does not make the visitor leave the SHAA website.
  • The SHAA Executive Board shall maintain the right to remove any advertisements and links with reasonable justification (e.g., unexpected or inappropriate content changes). In such an event, we shall communicate the reasons for removal to the sponsor.

(Updated November 2016)

Job Postings

Free job postings

  • Alabama SLP and audiology job openings shall be posted at no charge.  Email the job opening to
  • Free job postings shall be removed after six months unless a request is received to extend the listing.

Paid job postings

  • Jobs outside of Alabama and jobs mediated through non-employers (such as recruiters), regardless of a job’s location shall be posted for up to 90 days upon 1) receipt of a $75 flat, non-refundable fee and 2) completion of a Job Order Form (from the Jobs tab). 
  • The 90-day period begins when the posting is placed on the SHAA website and the customer has been notified of such.

Continuing Education (CE) Postings

Free CE postings

  • CE events in Alabama shall be posted at no charge.  Email event details to

Paid CE postings

  • CE events outside of Alabama shall be posted upon completion of CE Listing Request (under CE Events tab).

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