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The Prequel to Dementia and the SLP

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Alabama leads the nation in the number of people being identified with younger onset dementia, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield (“The Healthcare of America” February 27, 2020). Traditional services for neurodegenerative disease are not designed to meet the needs of this population and thus they are largely underserved. The Prequel to Dementia will give you a richer understanding of the cognitive changes that go undetected up to 20 years before their diagnosis, the role brain influencing lifestyles play and how instrumental the SLP is to change the trajectory of their cognitive outcome through evidence-based, person-centered approaches. We’ll discuss ways stigmas about cognitive health not only limit people in searching for answers but also limit their access to equitable health care services and why the SLP is the cornerstone to breaking down the misconceptions about the brain’s resiliency and why dementia is not a definite, inevitable outcome.

*ASHA Updates to over-the-counter hearing aids*

  • OTC hearing aids are available for consumers! It is important for us to remember OTC may be an answer for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss (over the age of 18 years) and not for everyone.
  • SHAA members can remind our friends, families, patients, and consumers that an audiological evaluation is the first step to purchasing any device, as we know there are varying degrees and types of losses and well as medical interventions that may be necessary prior to device fitting.
  • ASHA is a great resource for OTC FAQ and talking points with patients
  • If you have questions, here are quick links with resources from ASHA

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