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Get involved in one of the following committees!

AAC Committee

  • Organizes special events to promote awareness of AAC
  • Prepares an exhibit for the SHAA convention with helpful information about AAC

Archives Committee

  • Takes photos at SHAA events
  • Maintains records of SHAA events with photos and publications

CELL Committee

  • Searches for and purchases new material for the Continuing Education Lending Library
  • Reviews expired CELL material to evaluate its usefulness
  • Promotes awareness of the library among SHAA members and ABESPA licensees via an exhibit table for the SHAA convention and ads in the SHAA journal

Convention Committee

  • Searches for convention speakers in each of the various tracks:  AAC, Adult, Audiology, and Child
  • Forwards contact information and any discussed terms for prospective speakers to the executive director
  • Helps to plan special events during the SHAA convention
  • Moderates sessions during the SHAA convention
  • Contacts advertisers to update contact information and encourage exhibitors to attend the SHAA convention
  • Requests donations from grocery, department, and other stores in the Birmingham area

Honors Committee

  • Accepts and evaluates nominations for awards
  • Solicits nominations for student awards from university program chairs
  • Orders awards for presentation at the annual association dinner
  • Prepares a slide show featuring award winners to be shown at the annual association dinner
  • Forwards biographical information and photos of award winners to the publications director and executive director

Membership Committee

  • Promotes awareness of SHAA at universities and job fairs throughout the state
  • Prepares an exhibit table for the annual convention
  • Helps to order T-shirts or other SHAA logo items for sale at the SHAA convention

Nominations and Elections Committee

  • Calls possible candidates in the relevant ABESPA Districts when the ABESPA election cycle begins (Oct-Dec)
  • Helps to find eligible candidates for SHAA elected offices

Public Information Committee

  • Posts news and notes on social media
  • Mans the phone bank during Better Speech and Hearing month (May)

Publications Committee

  • Searches for professional articles for publication
  • Contacts various board members and officers to request updates/reports for the journal
  • Helps to format submissions for publication
  • Helps with creative layout and/or content for the SHAA journal

School Affairs Committee

  • Gathers information relevant and helpful to school-based clinicians
  • Works as advocates for school-based clinicians with the state government
  • Answers questions that arise regarding therapy in the schools
  • Prepares an exhibit for the SHAA convention with helpful information for school-based clinicians

SHAA-PAC (Political Action Committee)

  • Raise funds to provide a financial vehicle with which to impact issues in state government
  • Support and represent the interests of SLPs and audiologists in a variety of work settings
  • Increase the political awareness of other speech and hearing professionals

Technology Committee

  • Helps to monitor the website for needed updates or revisions
  • Provides suggestions for relevant website content

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