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Convention Handouts 

2023 Handouts

CE Attendance Grid 

If there is not a handout for a speaker, they did not provide one.

 Promer, Laura Multisensory Teaching of Reading Skills-handout.pdf

 Henbest, Victoria

Beverly, Brena


Henbest Beverly SHAA 2023 Facilitating Children's Emergent Literacy Skills Training Parents.pdf

Henbest Beverly SHAA 2023 Emergent Literacy Selected References and Resource List.pdf

 Frucci-Bear, Stephanie SHAA 2023 handout.pptx
 Davis, Tara Davis SHAA Presentation 2023_handout.pdf

 Hill, Grayson

Wiles, Brent

 Supervising Gen Z_ Are You Meeting the Standards_ 2023 handouts.pdf
 Molt, Larry 

Molt_SHAA 2023 Part 1 Annual Report ABESPA 2021-22.pdf

Molt_SHAA 2023 Part 2 Ethical Principles, Standards, and Practices for SHAA 2023 Final2.pdf

 Clecker, Sonia 

Funding Augmentative communication devices SHAA 2023.pdf

ALMA Funding handout 1.pdf

ALMA Funding handout 1.pdf

Smith, Kimberly 

Lins, Jordan


Reading Comp for Aphasia Resources.pdf

Treatment of Acquired Reading Impairments in Persons with Aphasia.pdf
 Johnson, Cheryl SHAA Feb 2023 CD Johnson.pdf

 Chatman, Kandis

Perry, Crystal

 What the E-L-L_--SHAA Handouts 2023.pdf
 Roehl, Tara 



TRoehl_SecretSuperpower (1).pdf

 Penn, Dianna Communicate with me_EI and AAC Handout (1).pdf
 Weydeck, Mandy 

Voice Emotion Recognition_Gordey.pdf

Voice emotion recognition sales sheet

 Mets, Marisha 

Marisha Mets How to Target Grammar and Vocabulary Goals Using Literacy-Based Materials.pdf

Marisha Mets A Crash Course in Literacy-Based Therapy.pdf

 Creed, Lindsey Lindsey creed OTC handout.pdf
 Koch, Carol Koch - Let's Build a Bridge - SHAA 2023 (1).pdf
 Roberts, Richard SHAA2023AUDPersVM (1).pdf
 Graham, Amy 

Choosing the Right Phonological Approach HANDOUT.pdf

Differential Diagnosis of SSD HANDOUT.pdf

Lateral Lisp Remediation HANDOUT.pdf

 Apel, Kenn 



 Gammill, Caroline  Handout Evaluation and Treatment of Executive Functions after Brain.pdf
 Van Tatenhove, Gail  

SHAA February


Pavelko, Stacey  SUGAR Handout.pdf
 Whitelaw, Gail SHAA Functional hearing loss.pptx

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