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Convention Handouts 

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2021 Handouts

ACEClinical Education Training for AUDs and SLPs Involvement in Student Supervision
Bjorem, JennieAssessment of Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Treatment of Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Boyd, TimBecoming an Advocate for Your Profession
The Overlap Between Speed Sound Disorders and Word Reading

Frucci, Stephanie

Alabama State Department of Education Updates
Treatment for Attention after Brain Injury
Hapner, EdieUpdates on the Evaluation and Treatment of Voice and Upper Airway
Heine, Kim/
Mayfield, Morgan
Who Wants to Be America's Top Modeler?
Kamath, SuchetaAll Learning is Social and Emotional:  The META Approach to Building EF & Emotional Competence 
Getting Good at Stress: Empowering Self to Boost Executive Function, Reduce Anxiety & Strengthen a Growth Mindset
Koch, CarolWorking on /r/? Some Tools for Your Toolbox
Mackay, LydiaSLP & Applied Behavior Analysis:  Using LAMP Principles to Find Common Ground
Reed, PaulUnderstanding the Depth and Breadth of Language Variation
Saxon, YvonneEthics: Understanding ABESPA's New Rules & Regulations: Telepractice, HIPAA, Signatures
Swanson, NeelaCoding and Telepractice for AUDs
Coding and Telepractice for SLPS
Webb, AnnaLet's Talk Teletherapy
Weaver, Aurora/
Wise, Larry
Outcome Measures in Tinnitus Assessment & Treatment

2020 Handouts

ACEClinical Education Training for AUDs and SLPs Involved in Student Supervision
A Peek Inside Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Engineering Immersive AAC Environments:  Applying AAC Foundations to Build Language and Communications
The Science of Collaboration in the Clinical Setting
1-3-6 to 1-2-3: The Numbers Game of EHDIEar and Hearing Care for Children with Craniofacial Differences: An Evidence-Based, Quality Improvement Endeavor, Implementing Evidence-Based Speech Perception Protocols in the Pediatric Setting
2020 ALSDE Updates
Effective Interviewing:  Evidence-Based to Select the Best
Using the "D" Word: The SLPs Role Regarding Myths, Facts, Assessments & Interventions for Dyslexia, Power-Up Your Instructions with Multi-Component Training to Improve Speech, Language & Literacy Skills, Action Plan for Closing Achievement Gaps in Literacy Through Use of Multi-Tierred Systems of Support (MTSS) Models
The Magic Literacy Triangle: Reading, Discussing and Writing
Closing the Gap: Writing to Learn Across Curriculum
The Best Vocabulary Strategies That Make Words Stick

All About Communications:  Communicating with the Touch You Have
Riding the Pocket of the Silver Tsunami: Helping Our Senior Thrive with a Dementia Diagnosis
Current Political and Public Policy Trends and ASHA Advocacy Priorities


Genetic Advances in Communication Disorders
Taps Richard,
Phonological Complexity Principles: Promoting Efficient Change in Overall Intelligibility: Powerful Phonological Assessment & Analysis; Phonological Part 2: Target Selection for Maximum Gains; Phonological Part 3: Meaningful Intervention Through Books & ActivitiesSupplemental (all 3); Cluster Target Selection


Ethical Dilemmas:  ABESPA Assistants, Social Media, and Special Education Contracts for SLP/AUD Services


A Patient-Centered Approach to Aphasia Management
Austism Spectrum Disorders in Children Who Are D/HH: What Do We Know and Where Do We Need to Go?  Language Gaps and What to Do About It

2019 Handouts

Recordings available from 2019 Convention:
Laura Lavender Gosney, GS, PHR, SHRM-CP, CHCR - How to Successfully Navigate a Multi-general Workforce
Arlene Pietranton, PhD, CAE - ASHA Resources

ACE (Alabama Clinical Educators)

SLP Clinical Supervisor Training

Bailey, Dallin Data-Based Target Selection for Aphasia Treatment;
Assessment and Treatment of Abstract Words in Aphasia
Barber, Angela What's New? An Autism Intervention Update for SLPs
Bell Center Munch Bunch: A Transdisciplinary Approach to Mealtime
Hearing Loss and Dementia:  Connecting the Dots
Brune, Patrick Making a Core Approach Approachable with Snap + Core First and Pathways 
Buehler, Mary
Auditory Processing Disorder:  TEAM Assessment and Management
Roger That! Remote Microphone Use in the Preschool Population
You can find handouts on Rosslyn Delmonico's website: under Current Seminar Materials: or here:  Social Language Skills Training within School-Based Curriculum-Developing a Collaborative Road Map of SupportUnderstanding the Social & Emotional Connection; StoriesStories, Studies and Past Perspectives
Ennis, Robin Parks Using Low-Intensity Strategies to Increase Student Engagement
Humbert, Ianessa Elucidating Inconsistencies in Dysphagia Management;
The Missing A&P Course: Normal, Functional & Dysfunctional Swallowing Part 1
; Supporting Your Clinical Decisions with Physiologically Guided Outcomes
Hearing Aids & Cognition; Pathways to AmplificationVerifying Advanced Features
Kelly, Ellen Focusing on Communication:  Intervention for School-Age Students Who Stutter
Langley, Rachael
Pegg, Robin
AT/AAC Partnerships: From Evaluation to Implementation;
Better Than Prompting: Using Research-Based Strategies to Support AAC Learning
; Access to Curriculum, Access to Life; Connecting Communication & Literacy
Madell, Jane Auditory Access:  Brain Development,
Testing Babies, Speech Perception, Managing Technology:  Are They Hearing What They Need to Hear?
Molt, Lawrence Current Controversies Regarding Social Anxiety Disorder in
Adolescents & Adults Who Stutter:  Issues & Identification
Treatment for the Communication Anxiety Component in
Adolescents & Adults Who Stutter:  Issues & Identification
Ryan, Hollea Hearing Loss and Auditory Disorders:  Outside the Clinic;
Citations for Presentation
Saxon, Yvonne The Perils of Unethical Conduct-See Something Say Something
Stefanek, Rebecca
My Head is Spinning – Pediatric Vestibular Evaluations
Stricklin, DeLaine Push-in, Pull-out, Mixed Groups...Better Together!
Collaboration and Literacy Based Intervention
Telian, Nancy Merging Phonemic Awareness and Phonics within a
Response to Intervention Model of Instruction

Helping Older Struggling Students Close
Reading and Spelling Achievement Gaps

2018 Handouts 

Bahner, Cammy Current Trends in Vestibular Assessment: vHIT and VEMP
Bolling, Sheila
Frucci, Stephanie
ALSDE Updates
Copeland, Gary
Langley, Lana
Continuing Ed and Licensing FAQs
Hanser, Gretchen Integrating AAC and Literacy, PPT Part 1
Hanser, Gretchen Integrating AAC and Literacy, PPT Part 2
Hanser, Gretchen Getting Started With Early Writing
Hanser, Gretchen Making PowerPoint Books for Children
Hanser, Gretchen Project Core Overlay
Kaul, Kavita
Reeves, Christa
Auditory Processing (PPT Handout)
Kaul, Kavita
Reeves, Christa
Auditory Processing Disorder:  Modifications to Improve Classroom Acoustics (Editable MSWord Document)
Kaul, Kavita
Reeves, Christa
Auditory Processing Disorder:  Tips for Teachers
Ollick, Greg, Sr. Auditory Evoked Potential Technology Update
Pouncey, Melissa AAC and Autism
Ramkissoon, Ishara Age-Related Hearing Loss
Rubin, Emily Fostering Social Engagement - ASD, Parts 1 and 2
Rubin, Emily IEP Goals - ASD, Parts 1 and 2
Rubin, Emily SCERTS Assessment Forms
Rubin, Scott Differentiation of Neural System Functions
Rubin, Scott Cognitive and CLD Treatments
Saxon, Yvonne Ethical Issues in Telepractice and Exempt Work Settings
Swanson-Kimani, Erin
Benefield, Brynna
Concussion- Return to Learn, Return to Play, and Cognitive Rehabilitation
Tharpe, Anne Marie Minimal Hearing Loss in Children
Tharpe, Anne Marie Behavioral Auditory Assessment
Tharpe, Anne Marie Special Populations - Children with Hearing Loss
Tynes, Claire
Moncrief, Kristi
Polson, Kim
Multisensory Techniques

2017 Convention Handouts

Baggett, Karen Team AAC Assessment and Funding
Bourgeois, Michelle Creating an Effective Dementia Program
Bourgeois, Michelle Functional Assessment, MCI to Severe Dementia
Bourgeois, Michelle Intervention Approaches and Instructional Techniques
Brodsky, Jacob Pediatric Vestibular Disorders
Brodsky, Jacob Single-Sided Deafness
Brosdky, Jacob Vestibular System Made Easy
Cleckler, Sonia Team AAC Assessment and Funding
DiSogra, Robert Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals for Hearing Loss and Tinnitus (Fact Sheets)
DiSogra, Robert Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals for Hearing Loss and Tinnitus (Slides)
Frucci, Stephanie ALSDE Updates
Haak, Nancy Using Music to Enhance Cooperation - Dementia
Hamilton, Megan-Brette Working With AAE-Speaking Children
Hays, Marsi BRIDGES
Johnson, Margaret A Look Back Into Neurology
Koch, Carol Speech Sound Disorders
Koch, Carol Practical Insights for Clinical Education
Langley, Rachael Communication in the Classroom - Slides
Langley, Rachael Communication in the Classroom - Handout
Payne, JoAnne HIPAA Unraveled
Reeve, Christine Taming the Data Monster, Part 1:  Setting Yourself Up for Success
Reeve, Christine Taming the Data Monster, Part 2:  What Do I Do With the Data?
Reeves, Nina School Age Stuttering
Robin, Nathaniel Importance of Genetic Testing for SLPs and Audiologists
Saxon, Yvonne Ethics
Suiter, Debra Clinical Swallow Evaluation
Suiter, Debra Swallow Screening and the Yale Swallow Protocol
Suiter, Debra Dysphagia: Where We Are
Suiter, Debra Dysphagia: Where We're Going
Wambaugh, Julie Acquired Apraxia of Speech, Parts 1 and 2
Wambaugh, Julie Acquired Apraxia of Speech, Parts 3 and 4

2016 Convention Handouts

Allison Supporting Learners with Down Syndrome
Baroch Auditory Brainstem Response
Baty,Johnson Transition to Professional
Beckerman Leadership, Advocacy, and Volunteerism
Blumsack, Clark-Lewis, Watts Professional Civic Engagement
Brune Beyond Requesting
Cleckler Funding AAC Devices
Fernandez, Wang GFTA-3 and KLPA-3
Frucci State Dept Updates
Garcia Assessment and Intervention - CLD Populations
Harper Dysarthria From Diagnosis to Discharge (see also Meador, Phillips and Trahan)
Hodson Children's Phonological Systems
Humes Email speaker for handout, please
Jones Dysphagia and the MBSS
Lacey Bread and Chocolate: Self-Care 101
Lehr Score with Core
McCaslin Contemporary Concepts in Vestibular Assessment
Meador Dysarthria from Diagnosis to Discharge (see also Harper, Phillips and Trahan)
Molt Ethical Challenges
Odom Reality AAC
Phillips Dysarthria from Diagnosis to Discharge (see also Harper, Meador and Trahan)
Rosenbek Aphasia (Part 1 of Dysphagia and Aphasia)
Rosenbek Dysphagia (Part 2 of Dysphagia and Aphasia)
Saxon Ethics Forum
Shapiro Achieving Communication Freedom with Teens and Adults Who Stutter
Trahan Dysarthria from Diagnosis to Discharge (see also Harper, Meador and Phillips)
Weydeck Support of Cognitive System
Whitelaw Cards Against Pediatric Audiology

Management of APD

Whitelaw Tinnitus

2015 Convention Handouts

Brune, Patrick Positive Behavioral Supports With Dynavox Compass
Brush, Jennifer Building a Successful, Person-Centered Dementia Program
Byrd, Carolyn
Chatman, Kandis
Moss, Laura
Phillips-Ross, Esther
Zylla-Jones, Elissa
SLP Clinical Supervision Training
Carden, Kameron Flashcards to Conversations
Christy, Jennifer Evaluation and Treatment of Vestibular-Related Impairments in Children
Clark, Heather Treatment of Motor Speech Disorders
Coyle, James Managing Dysphagia in Adults with Medical Conditions
Depp, Candice Matthews  
Enstrom, Jan State Department Updates
Hall, James W., III Decreased Sound Tolerance Disorders
Hall, James W., III Diagnostic Audiology: Best Practices
Hall, James W., III Electrocochleography (ECochG)
Hall, James W., III Making the Most of Middle Ear Measurements
Hall, James W., III Prevention of Recreational Hearing Loss
Helms, Donna Phonemic Awareness to Phonic Code
Jackson, Staci Apps for Vocabulary Assessment and Intervention
Kluesing, Marsha Adult Auditory Rehab Group - Benefits for SLP and AUD Grad Students
Lehr, Janet Beyond Calendar Time: AAC Implementation in the Classroom
McHugh, Richard Integrated Care for Voice Disorders
Robertson, Shari Building Better Readers
Robertson, Shari Raising Readers
Roseberry-McKibbon, Celeste Increasing Oral and Literate Language Skills
Zangari, Carole Vocabulary Instruction for AAC Learners

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