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ABESPA licensees may access SHAA's Continuing Education Lending Library, even if they are not SHAA members. 

ABESPA makes this possible each year with a generous donation to CELL. 


  1.  View CELL Online – AACChild, Adult, Audiology, Ethics/Regulatory programs and register and pay for the session(s) you would like to view.

  2.  After registering and paying, you will receive an email with viewing instructions and password.

  3.  After viewing the online program, return to the CELL Documentation Form and submit it online.

  4.  A Continuing Education Certificate will be emailed to you.

  • You may repeat this process for as many titles as you like, but each separate title will require a separate CELL Documentation Form and a separate fee. 
  • Files may only legally be accessed by authorized CELL users via password; if you attempt to bypass privacy settings and/or share these files with others who are not authorized to access CELL, you will be banned from future CELL usage and subject to prosecution for copyright infringement. 
  • Keep the CE certificate as evidence of your CE activity.  It is required proof of your activity if you are audited.  SHAA is not responsible for keeping a record of your CELL activity.

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